Peanut butter oat balls

Last week I bought a book from Slovak author Tatiana Jelinek. All recipes in the book are sugar- and glutenfree and extremely delicious. At the moment, it’s deffinitely my favourite source of inspiration!… Continue reading

Avocado and banana chocolate mousse

Honestly, I was quite surprised about how this recipe turned out to be. This chocolate mousse is literally one of the best things I have tried in a long time. It is basically… Continue reading

Chia seed pudding

Seeing amazing pictures all over the internet made me want to make a chia pudding myself. And even though it always look amazing, I didn’t know whether it’s going to taste so good… Continue reading

Quark and raisin muffins

My boyfriend said that these muffins were the best I have ever made so there has to be something about them. Their magic is hidden in the quark inside them. Personally, I am a huge… Continue reading

Chia seed muffins with sunflower seeds

Chia seeds are still a thing in my kitchen, and making these cupcakes is another great way of using them! I enjoyed them with my morning french-press brewed black coffee but you can be… Continue reading

Volunteering in Colombia

My style of conquering my fears and getting out of my comfort zone is like the famous NIKE slogan “Just do it.” Signing up for random challenging things and events and programs to… Continue reading

Nutella muffins

Did anybody say HEALTHY Nutella muffins? Is that even possible? Yes it is! These healthy homemade nutella muffins are a smooth combination of unsweetened (and oh so healthy) cocoa powder and whole (and… Continue reading

Coffee muffins with hazelnuts

  My affection for coffee seems to be influencing my baking now! That’s why I decided to bake these healthy homemade coffee muffins with hazelnuts. It was actually my first time making (and… Continue reading